LED Wall

We develop, design and we build our LED Wall products in Denmark – The quality of our products makes it possible for us to offer you an extended warranty of 5 years.

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Danish design

Our LED wall products are developed and designet in a joint venture with AMB Visuals also situated in Denmark, not more than a few minuts from us. AMB Visuals have been manufactoring totem and wall products for more than 20 years. Our LED wall products are manufactured and put in the ground by AMB Visuals.

The World’s biggest manufacturer

The LED panels used in our LED pylons are manufactured in China. We spent more than 2 years developing, designing and drawing the LED panels that we use in all of our LED products. The manufacturer is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world with a production of more than 2000 m2 pr. month.

And as the only one around we’re not shamed to tell you who really manufactures our LED panels.

Infiled was initially founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, China. Today Infiled has offices in Schenzhen (CH), Venlo (Netherlands). Marietta (USA), Wiltshire (UK) and Sydney (CA). The production capacity has reached more than 2.000 sq. mtr. pr. month.


We offer you an extended 5 years warranty. As the only one in Scandinavian we do this because we know our products is both stable and very durable. The 5 years full warranty covers all hardware defects, the construction (Furthermore extended to 7 years) and the LED panels in your product.

Colors and light

The most common question is “What happens if you change one LED panel after 3 years?”. Most suppliers will tell you it’s no problem and that the colors and the light output is the same. We’re different. We are always working on and developing technologies that gives us the best results when switching out panels on your LED pylon.

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