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LED Touch is a wide portfolie of digital signage products. In the section you’ll find products suitable for different purposes.

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Clima-controlled digital signage

Infinitus was established in 2004. Today they’re know around the world as expert developer of public displays in outdoor harsh environment. Infinitus led touch series by brand imotion®

Infinitus offers three different product series. imotion G6 for harsh enviroments and extreme temperatures. imotion FLOW for displays in outdoor direct sunlight. imotion LITE for displays outdoor non-direct sunlight. All three series can be configures in different sizes and with multiple features as Anti-Graffiti surface, touch functionality, power backup, shock sensor and much more.

Read more about why clima controlled digital signage can save you money and give you a higher uptime right here.

To get more information on the different products, specs and prices you can browse through Infinitus products or contact us at (+45) 81100200 or [email protected]

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