Veri Center

“We have always felt that Play has been interested in a long-term solution for both us and them”

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LED Touch - Infinitus imotion G6 Clima Controlled Outdoor Pylon

As one of Aarhus largest shopping malls located on a major roadway and a major local anchorage, we had long been thinking about investing in big screens to ‘hit’ all those passers-by with our messages. At the same time, we also know that ads on print is on the way out so the screens are for us the future.

We have many shops in the center and not everyone is easy to get through to the consumer. But with well-placed big screens at the center against both passers-by and in the parking spaces, everyone in the center gets a unique opportunity for exposure on their own media.

In the initial phase, we searched the big screen market and had contact with several suppliers, one of whom was Play Digital Signage represented by Anette Jæger.

Anette talked about a concept that was unique in many ways. Unlike all other vendors, Play Digital Signage is the full supplier of both screens, software, commissioning and operation. So the whole package, so we should not get into many different. Most work as a hardware supplier or as a software or content provider. The most unique was that Play Digital Signage delivered both the software, the hardware, for the installation, training and training as well as subsequent support.

Throughout the process, it has meant that we have had a great dialogue about both the setup of the screens, the startup and the daily operation of the displays, and not least content from the individual stores.

We have always felt that Play has been interested in a long-term solution for both us and them. Something that has been important to us, who are not experts in big screens – we just fit our business and use the screens to come out with our messages from the center

Frank Trend Poulsen
Chairman of the board

Veri Center Århus was delivered 3 LED walls in the first half of 2017. The screens are respectively made in 10 mm pitch size in the size 5.76 x 3.6 (20.7 m2), 8 mm pitch size in the size 3, 84 x 2.88 (11.06 m2) and 10 mm pitch size in the size 4.48 x 2.88 (12.9 m2). The project was initiated in October 2016, the two smaller screens were put into operation in February 2017 and the largest of 20.7 m2 in April 2017.

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